Phase V 2011-2012

With support from 14 District 5160 Rotary Clubs, the Moshi Rotary Club, the newly established Rotary Club of Mwika, District 5160, and The Rotary Foundation, Phase V began in late 2011. This phase extends into other communities some of our past successes with clean water and sanitation. In sddition, it focuses on other aspects of community development in Mwika and Nyumba ya Nungu. 


Specifically, Phase V includes:

  • Water storage tanks and 12-faucet water basins outside latrines, kithchens and lunch areas at 5 rural schools in the Kilimanjaro District.
  • Up to 72 household rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Five public toilets along roadways.
  • Reforestation of the Mwika section of Mt. Kilimanjaro through tree planting at schools, household farms, roadsides, and around 11 water springs.
  • De-worming medications for children in the 29 schools  of Mwika with cooperation of local clinics.
  • Administrative and instructional mentoring of weak schools by high performing schools.
  • A household farm extension service, using model village farmers to improve productivity and marketing.
  • A solar system to bring electricity and a new cimputer lab to the remote Nyumba ya Mungu Secondary School.
  • A new internet facility at the Mwika Community Library.




Top: Moshi Rotarian Sadikiel Kimaro leading Phase V planning meeting of small farmers who are participating in new farm extension service, Mwika, Tanzania.

Bottom: A small farmer speaks at planning meeting.


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