Phase IV 2010-2011

Phase IV, funded by a coalition of 15 northern California Rotary Clubs, Moshi Rotary Club, Rotary District 5160, and The Rotary Foundation, provided support for extension of water pipelines to the remote communities of Mwika; and water storage tanks, and 12-faucet basins near latrines, kitchens and lunch areas for 29 schools in Mwika and two schools and a clinic at Nyumba ya Mungu.


The project also provided partial support for construction of kitchens and toilets in selected poor neighborhood schools, and manufacture and distribution of small-size bio-sand water filters for households and schools. These filters are distributed in cooperation with a local women's mirco-finance program.  




Top: Students at St. Rita Lisa School, Holili, Tanzania, where large rainwater harvesting system was installed.

Bottom: Students with new faucets outside toilets at primary school in Mwika, Tanzania.



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