Phase III 2010

Phase III was supported by several District 5160 Rotary clubs, Moshi Rotary Club, Rptary District 5160 and The Rotary Foundation. With Paradise Rotary Club (California, USA) serving as the lead club, this phase included two additional large rainwater harvesting systems for the private college in Mwika, as well as support for several more distribution points within the new community water system in Nyumba ya Mungu.




Top: Gary Manwill, Paradise Rotary Club (California, USA) and Connor Mack (Rotarian grandson of San Jose, California, USA) helping staff of Maji Block Tanzania, LTD. build rainwater harvesting rain gutters at Stefan Moshi Memorial University, College, Mwika, Tanzania.

Bottom: Myumba ya Mungu (Tanzania) residents at inauguration of new community water system.


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