Phase I 2008-2009

RotaryForNothernTanzania began in 2008 with generous contributions from three northern California Rotary Clubs (USA), Rotary District 5160, Moshi Rotary Club (Tanzania), and The Rotary Foundation.


These funds supported five large rainwater harvesting systems (rain gutters and 30,000-50,000 liter storage tanks) on schools in the Rombo District. Storage tanks also hold water from pipes originating in springs high on Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of the schools is also an orphanage with approximately 320 students, 275 of whom live on the campus.


Phase I funds also supported construction of a community water system near the village of Nyumba ya Mungu, in the Simanjiro District southeast of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Water is lifted by a large submerged pump and moved to a knoll overlooking the village through a PVC pipe in a half-mile trench dug by community volunteers to a large elevated tank, and then by gravity to a treatment tank and a large storage tank. Water flows from there to seven double-faucet outlets throughout the village of about 4500 residents who pay a modest mount for each bucket of water. These funds, administered by an elected water committee, cover maintenance and repair costs. Like the rainwater harvesting systems, the actual construction was carried out entirely using locally- sourced supplies and Tanzanian contractors hired by the Moshi Rotary Club.




Top: New community water system at Nyumba ya Mungu, Tanzania.  At right is gravity tank, in middle is treatment tank, at left is storage tank. Water is pumped 800 meters from reservoir to water system, then travels by gravity to seven outlets in village.

Bottom:   Students at Maweni Primary School, Mwika, Tanzania.


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