Lessons Learned

Here are key lessons from RotaryForNorthernTanzania that can be useful to other Rotarians and Rotary Clubs contemplating similar multi-club, multi-year, cross-cultural, sustainable projects with support of your district and The Rotary Foundation.

  • Broad Support From Club Members
  • At Least One Committed Rotarian From Each Club
  • Multiple Clubs 
  • Multi-Year 
  • Strong Partnerships Between Lead Clubs From Both Countries
  • Share Rotarians' Expertise
  • Local Solutions
  • Engage Local Communities
  • Know Rules and Procedures Of The Rotary Foundation
  • Patience, Hard Work, Perseverance

The following 14-minute video provides an updated summary of our projects and describes in detail these 10 lessons with dramatic scenes from the Mt. Kilimanjaro region.


Check it out!


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