Cooperating Organizations

Main partners in the host country of Tanzania have been:

  • Maji Block Tanzania Ltd. (Contractors)
  • Maresi General Enterprises (Contractors)
  • Water Engineer and Health Officer, Rombo District, Kilimanjaro Region
  • Water Engineer and Health Officer, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region
  • Mwika Water Users' Association (MWUA)
  • Mwika Development Fund (MWIDEFU)
  • Tanzania Environmental Action Association (TEACA)




Top: Teresa Kludt (Rotary spouse) and Will Bono of Chico Rotary Club (California, USA), Mr. Iddo of Maresi General Enterprises, and Sadikiel Kimaro of Moshi Rotary Club, Tanzania.  They are standing at eventual site of now-completed community water system at Nyumb ya Mungu, Tanzania.

Bottom: Employees of Maji Block Tanzania, Ltd. installing rain gutters at small college campus in Mwika, Tanzania.



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