Collaborative Planning

A key ingredient to success of RotaryforNothernTanzania has been collaborative planning. Through several personal visits to Tanzania by representatives of the lead international club (Chico Rotary Club), e-mail and telephone, we have consulted at every step in the process of visioning, identification of local needs, discussing specific solutions to those needs, drawing on expertise in our clubs and communities, writing grant applications to The Rotary Foundation, discussing details with contractors, resolving unexpected issues in implementation, and engaging local leaders and citizens. This has resulted in a truly cross-cultural collaborative success story.




Top: Walt Schafer of Chico Rotary Club (California, USA) with Moshi Rotary Club Past President Peniel Shali and water engineers, Rombo District, Tanzania.

Bottom: Walt Schafer with Nyumba ya Mungu Village Executive, Paul Shappy (c) and resident George Mbilike (r).


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