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Welcome to Rotary For Northern Tanzania!  


The vision of RotaryForNorthernTanzania is to increase access to clean water, improve sanitation, and promote broader community development in the Kilimanjaro region of northern Tanzania. This is accomplished over time through collaboration of Rotarians in Rotary District 5160 (north central California, USA) and in the Kilimanjaro region (part of Rotary District 9211).


You will  discover how clean water and sanitation improvements have created momentum to focus more broadly on improving the health, education, and economic opportunity for students, families and communities.


RotaryForNothernTanzania is distinguished by being multi-cultural, multi-club, multi-year, and multi-focused, with sustainable components.


What began as a modest single project has grown into something much larger--a Program called RotaryForNorthernTanzania.


Take a look!  A good place to start is the dramatic 10-minute video below, filmed near Mt. Kilimanjaro.  For a more recent 14-minute video updating our work and describing 10 lessons for creating and implementing successful Rotary humanitarian projects, go the Lessons Learned link on this website.




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